Do you have questions about Sandage813?

You might be able to find your answers here.

What time do we open and close? 

  • Tuesday Night Jazz ~ 8:00pm - 12:00am
  • Thursday Night Smooth Jazz ~ 8:00pm - 12:00am
  • Friday Night "The Fresh" ~ 9:00pm - 2:00am
  • Saturday Night "Organic Soul" ~ 9:00pm - 2:00am
  • Sunday Day Party "Sunday Social" ~ 3:00pm - 8:00pm

We also recommend that you arrive to Sandaga prior to 9:00pm on Fridays and Saturday to avoid lines and wait times.

How old do you have to be to enter?

Sandaga is 21+, no exceptions. Please have a valid ID or passport when you attend.

What is the dress code?

Dress Code:

Tuesday | Thursdays | Saturdays Dress Code:

  • No athletic apparel.
  • No Baseball hats or beanies.
  • No flip-flops. Tennis shoes are OK.
  • No excessively baggy clothing.
  • No LED lights or glow products.

How do you reserve a booth or table?

Click here to reserve a booth or table.

How can i retrieve lost items?

If you’ve left something at Sandaga, please send an email to and we’ll get in contact as soon as possible. The sooner you contact us on a missing item, the more likely we’ll be able to find it.

What is parking like at Sandaga?

Parking is available in two options. On Exposition Ave. street parking is free and we have a paid parking lot owned by The City Of Dallas right next to Sandaga. We want to encourage people to use the pay lot for ultimate safety and security.

Please note: Make sure to purchase tickets from the authorized parking machine and place the ticket in your window. Sandaga is not responsible for any boots, tickets, or towing from that lot. 

Is there an ATM there?

Yes. We have our own ATM on site.

Do you still have a question? Please send us an email at and we’ll respond as soon as possible. Thank you!